ILEX, offers a one year warranty against possible defects in material and workmanship of this product. This warranty period starts from the date this product was purchased.

In the event of such defect during the warranty period, kindly write to us at: customercare@ilexlondon.com. We will then advise on how to proceed with the return. Faulty products will be assessed and if appropriate we will either credit the value of the product in your user login account or repair or action a replacement. The shipping cost for returning the product would have to be borne by the customer.
This warranty is limited to the value of the product. It does not cover any damage caused by misuse or neglect, accident, abrasion, rubbing off, exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acids, water, normal wear and tear or damage by a common carrier.

Characteristics of real leather:

ILEX products are made to the highest standards, with rigorous quality control checks made throughout the manufacturing process. Real leather is a natural product and at ILEX, leather is selected for its individual beauty, texture and feel. Each skin is unique, so any irregularity is viewed as characteristic of leather’s natural appeal. The natural skin structure of leather will gradually take on an individual character and precious patina with use. We consider this an important aspect of each ILEX product’s individuality.

Product Care:
  1. Never place your product under direct sources of intense light and heat as this may cause the colour to fade.
  2. Avoid rubbing against lightly coloured clothing to reduce any risk of colour transference.
  3. Avoid dampness, humidity and rain. Should your product get wet, please remove the residual water with a soft paper towel and allow drying naturally.
  4. Special care should be taken to prevent scratching and marking; avoid placing the product on rough or sharp surfaces.
  5. Don't overfill your ILEX bag or wallet. Travelling light will help it retain its shape.

When not in use, stuff your bag with tissue paper and store it inside ILEX fabric dust bag.



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